​Tween Gospel Alliance is a partnership of ministries and parents like you. People who are committed to helping tweens and teens encounter the truth of Jesus Christ and the authority of scripture. 

We make television shows, videos, music, bibles, devotionals, and apparel - all to reach students with the truth of the gospel! 

That takes money and we're trusting God as our ultimate source of funding. 

Long term, parents and pastors need to own this vision. We need partners who will commit resources (people, time, dollars) to this vision. 

We aren't asking for you to invest in major staffing or infrastructure for TGA. In fact, we're looking for $15/month partners. Men and women who recognize the urgent need to engage our culture and not simply retreat in defeat. 


We need an entire generation to see the wisdom of  investing in the future of the church. Now is the time.


$15 a month.

We really can make a difference by working together.



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