About Us

Tween Gospel Alliance (TGA) is a partnership of ministries and people committed to helping tweens encounter the truth of Jesus Christ and live according to the teachings of Biblical scripture.


Our strategy is to be the catalyst or beacon for change. We are not planning to build a large full time staff or be around any longer than necessary. In fact, our board has planned for the alliance to only be around until we are not needed. Long term, parents and pastors need to own this vision and carry the torch. 


We seek out and want to encourage and support like-minded ministry and corporate partners who will commit their resources to engaging and reaching Tweens. 



Board of Directors

Chad Miller

Former Director of Children & Youth Evangelism - Billy Graham Association

Senior Pastor at West Cabarrus Church, Concord, NC


Robert Beeson

Founder Essential Records, Former SVP of Provident Music Group. Founder, iShine & Solo Parent Society. Author of 'Going Solo" with Focus on the Family. 


Dr. Brad Mathias

President - BEMA Media LLC 

Author - Roadtrip to Redemption / Roadtrip Parenting

Missions Development - New England Diocese of ACA

Our vision




Think about thousands of tweens and parents having a shared missional experience and an opportunity to hear the gospel and respond.

Our vision is an experience that is comparable with what tweens experience in the rest of their world. And a commitment to sharing the truth of Jesus Christ.



The tween life-stage is the time when things get locked into place for kids.  They form their moral, spiritual, and emotional feelings.  This is also the time when marketers spend millions to influence and capture their attention.


Parent and pastors must be vigilant and intentional in investing in the lives of tweens.

TGA Alliance Members



We're skeptical of a single solution, tool or experience that is the answer.


So we'll curate the best resources (tools, programs, articles, speakers, success stories) so that parents and pastors are equipped to lead their tweens.


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